The HeartLight Promise

Promise to Grow Your HeartLight Daily

If you'd like to join the HeartLight Project, please make the HeartLight Promise and pledge to grow your HeartLight everyday -- for your own benefit, and the benefit of people everywhere. 

Afterward, let us know that you've made the Promise, and we'll send you a free HeartLight wristband that will help remind you to honor that Promise as you go through your day.


(Get comfortable, relax, place you hands over your Heart, and repeat the following words):

I promise myself and the world that I will endeavor to move out of my head and into my Heart.

I promise to try to always keep my Conscious Awareness rooted in my Heart, as opposed to my head.

I promise to always look at the world with the eyes of my Heart, and listen to the world with the ears of my Heart.

I promise to put Love and Compassion above logic and reason when making choices.

I promise to choose Love over fear, hatred, and all other negative emotions.

I promise to regularly measure the expansion of my HeartLight, and to continue to grow it on a regular basis, until it finally reaches every dark place within myself and on the planet.

I promise to always and in every way be the best person I can, not only for myself, but for the benefit of all people.

These things I promise from my Heart.


Our Gift to You

We'd like to thank you for making the HeartLight Promise by sending you a free HeartLight Promise wristband that you can wear as a reminder to continue to live up to your promise on a daily basis.  Just send us your name and address below, and we'll ship it out within 24-48 hours.

Keep in Touch...

We'd like to know what kind of progress you're making by staying in your Heart, so feel free to let us know how you're doing.

Receive your free wristband!

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Thank You!

We'll ship your free HeartLight Promise wristband within 24-48 hours.

The HeartLight Project

A HeartMind Institute Global Outreach Program