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We created our HeartLight Kids program to teach elementary and middle school students everywhere how to open their Hearts and let their HeartLight shine! With bullying and other negative behaviors becoming a growing concern in our schools today, our HeartLight Kids program is designed to teach kids about the positive rewards and negative consequences that manifest in their energy field -- and ultimately, in their body -- in response to their positive or negative thoughts, words, and actions.

While participating in our program, kids learn scientifically proven techniques that show them how their negative thoughts, words, and actions have a demonstrable negative effect on their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being -- while positive thoughts, words and actions have an equally verifiable positive effect. Our techniques give instant results, so kids can immediately see the physiological effects of their thinking.

Kids who participate in our HeartLight Kids program also learn to develop an abiding inner peace by practicing Mindfulness Meditation and using simple Coherent Breathing techniques. We also use Role Playing to show them how to put everything they've learned into daily practice.

It's a winning combination, and kids who complete the course receive a complimentary HeartLight Project wristband to remind them to keep their HeartLight shining at all times!

Below are some HeartLight techniques we teach that show students how to really let their HeartLight Shine!

Growing the HeartLight


"HeartLight" is what we call our heart's electromagnetic field. It's already charged with billions of vibrant, sparkly biophotons that supply our body's biofield with vital Lifeforce energy, but there are ways that we can actually Supercharge our HeartLight, and have even more vibrant -- and sparklier -- biophotons energizing our Lifeforce! 

Heart Rate Coherence Breathing


Our thoughts and emotions are reflected in the rhythm of our heart. Negative thoughts and emotions cause a chaotic rhythm, which leads to a state of  "incoherence". Heart Rate Coherence Breathing exercises are designed to sync the breath rate with the heart rate, and keep the participant's body/mind in a state of continual coherence.

Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation brings our awareness to the present, and keeps our mind from dwelling on the past or projecting into the future. When we're fully rooted in the present, our HeartLight is in a state of energetic coherence, and we're able to remain calm in any situation.

Role Playing


Players are given a series of conflicts to resolve in a peaceful manner, by consciously radiating their HeartLight energy, and regulating their body's physiological response to stress. They're shown how their energy field expands and contracts according to their thoughts, words and actions.

HeartMind MasterClass

HeartMind Masterclass for High School Students


We call our program for high school students the HeartMind MasterClass, because it was developed by HeartMind Institute, and in the class, students learn to become "masters" over their body's physiological response to stress  --which makes it easier to then become masters over other aspects of their lives. 

Repeated exposure to stressful situations can instill deeply ingrained fears, anger, depression, and a host of other negative thoughts and emotions. These drain the body's vital energy, and often set up a continuous cycle of unwanted negative behaviors. 

We teach students to consciously control their body's autonomic response to stress, giving them the tools necessary to remain calm in virtually any situation. This makes it easier to transform negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones, and to make better choices in their day to day life.

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