the earth-heart connection

At the Heart of the Matter, is the Matter of the Heart


Historically, Planet Earth has been fraught with a multitude of ongoing serious issues -- tyranny, wars, disease, poverty, earthquakes, hurricanes, and any number of recurring harmful or deadly situations, whether natural or man-made. 

Mankind has forever tried to solve these problems, with little or no success. This is because of our unwillingness or inability to unconditionally give and receive Love -- which is largely due to the fact that we'd rather use our heads than our Hearts to do the work. We'd rather use logic, reason, and linear thinking to try and solve these problems, instead of using unconditional Love and Compassion -- which are the only things that truly have the power to wholly transform the world. Einstein said it best: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

The HeartLight Project is dedicated to transforming this unhealthy paradigm, by initiating a Planetary Shift in Human Consciousness from the Head to the Heart! Only then will we finally realize that -- at the Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart!

Using our HeartLight to Transform the Planet


Changing Planet Earth to Planet Heart


the "easy" science behind the heartlight project:

"The Body Mind HEART Earth Connection"

By: Bryant Meyers